Holly is a master of event coordination.  I’ve attended corporate events coordinated by Holly for over 10 years.  She is incredibly creative, making each event unique and personalized for the attendees.  Holly’s attention to detail is unmatched, and she makes everyone feel special.  From wine tasting in Napa, to whale watching in southern California, to a private fireworks show or a performance of Phantom of the Opera in a wine cave, Holly excels at making each event memorable.  She also is an incredibly fun and warm person and someone who clients will love.  I highly recommend Holly to plan any event, big or small.
- Mary Dillon, Partner at Ellis &Winters LLP, Raleigh, NC 

As a lawyer representing numerous Fortune 500 companies, I have attended counsel meetings at many exclusive venues.  Without exception, the meetings planned by Holly are the best.  Superbly organized with an eye for detail, Holly has the ability to make every attendee feel as if the meeting was planned just for them.  How Holly can make 200 self-indulgent, overly-privileged lawyers and their spouses happy at the same time is beyond me.  But Holly does it.
-Kyle Wilson, Partner at Wright, Lindsey & Jenkins LLP, Little Rock, AR

For over 10 years Holly has planned and executed memorable events for my guests (over 100) that always exceed their very high expectations.  She is always able to add surprises and touches that leave everyone knowing they had attended something very special.  Her attention to detail assures flawless execution.  As each event ends, the guests already are anxiously anticipating "What will Holly do next year?" 
- Robert Hunter, of Senior Vice President, Birmingham, AL 

I have attended several events planned and executed by Holly and each one has been outstanding.  She is a talented event planner who pays great attention to detail to make sure your event is tailored specifically for you and your guests. I give Holly my highest recommendation to any person or company considering her services for a meeting, retreat or special event.
- Bobby Hood, Jr., Partner at Hood Law Firm LLC, Charleston, SC

My wife and I have attended, and enjoyed, more than 10 events planned by Holly.  Each and every time she tops what she has done before, something accomplished with increasing degree of difficulty given the quality of her work at every step.  Whether it is a full gospel choir, a Southern Bar Band, Phantom of the Opera staged in a wine cave, an operatic waiter fight, or otherwise, she has a sense for the unexpected, and creativity that is unequaled.  Little details matter too, it isn’t all about the big show. When you attend one of Holly’s parties, you are at the right party.  Never ever miss one.
- Carl Schaerf, Partner at Scnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis, New York City, New York

I travel extensively for business and pleasure, so when I recently had an opportunity to have Holly plan a family vacation I wondered what could she possibly arrange that I couldn't accomplish on my own? In short - I was astounded by what Holly organized. She prepared a creative and thoughtful family vacation that was packed with remarkable surprises. From behind the scenes tours, to VIP access, Holly thought of it all! If you want a "once in a lifetime vacation," or just a wonderfully organized event, Holly gets it done and you can tell she truly loves what she does.
- Stephen F. Coxhead, Shareholder at Fowler White Burnett, Miami, FL 

Holly secured us great rates at an incredible resort, came in under plan for F&B costs, secured multi-year contracts with the hotel, and is already working with us to plan out past 2018! She managed everything for the 3 day 500 person event from airport arrival through airport departure.  She ran three rooms of presenters simultaneously with offset breaks, assigned seating, and tight schedules.  Somehow she did it with a smile on her face.  Weather was an issue and she orchestrated the hotel to move tables, lighting, A/V etc from outside venue to inside, which she had the forethought to have already set up ahead of time just in case needed.  She held the Resort and their staff to a high level to ensure the event was flawless.  Spending the three days with her, it was amazing watching her direct the Resort's various Dining, Room, A/V, Shuttle, Activities, and Concierge teams.  After the event, several Managers that had been to large-industry events ran by other Event Planners commented that they had never seen an event run as smoothly.  The real surprise was the hotel staff commenting to me that they had not seen anyone run an event as well as this before.  She focused attention on the big picture, as expected, but she also focused on the smallest of details....from the layout of materials at each chair, to color and amount of lighting for each session, to banner placement, to releasing of tables for each meal to keep lines down and people happy!  
- Judd Clark, Principal Engineering Manager at Altec, St. Joseph, MO